Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ismael Jan anuncia el "rearme" de "sus" milicias / Ismail Khan says warlords are rearming militias

Más noticias sobre Afganistán / More news on Afghanistan :
Bomb blast injures four US-led Norwegian troops in Afghanistan -- Press TV
Afghan police killed in 'insider attack' -- BBC
4 Afghan police killed in insider attack -- Huffington Post/AP
Four Afghan police killed by colleagues: officials -- DAWN/AFP

US Audit Finds Afghanistan Incapable of Sustaining Security -- Voice of America
Afghanistan security forces report raises fears over long-term stability -- The Guardian
Report: Afghan security forces not ready for 2014 -- Stars and Stripes
Report: Afghan Security Forces Face Infrastructure Challenges -- US Department of Defense

US War Against IED's in Afghanistan a Strategic Failure -- The Real News
Bombs Away: Will Afghanistan’s Artillerymen Learn How to Shoot Right? -- Time

US urges Afghanistan open its economy, tackle graft: Official -- The Frontier Post
Saudis to build major Islamic centre in Afghanistan -- The Australian/AFP
Afghanistan's first female rapper tells the stories that might otherwise be lost -- Torie Rose DeGhett, The Guardian
Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter
-- Kathy Kelly, Huffington Post

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