Saturday, November 3, 2012

Syria, November, 3, 2012 / Siria, 3-11-2012

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
Syria conflict: rebel 'war crime' caught on video - Friday 2 November 2012 -- The Guardian

A look at atrocities in Syria's civil war -- AP
Syria army quits base on strategic Aleppo road -- Reuters

Syria rebels 'take key Damascus-Aleppo checkpoints' -- BBC
Syria rebels kill 78 soldiers, attack checkpoints -- AP
Increased air raids bring death and ruin to Damascus suburbs -- Reuters
Syrian outsiders bogged down in battle for Aleppo -- AFP

UN warns of possible war crimes committed by Syria rebels -- Haaretz/Reuters
Syria video likely evidence of war crimes: UN -- AFP
Syria rebels said to kill captured troops -- Sydney Morning Herald/AP
UN warns of possible ‘war crimes’ by Syria rebels -- Euronews

Syrian rebels in uneasy alliances -- Al Jazeera
Syria opposition accuses US of undermining revolt -- AFP
Syrians wary of US push to overhaul opposition -- Stars and Stripes/AP
US Looks for New Civilian Leadership in Syrian Opposition -- Voice of America
US move to sideline Syria opposition group stems from exiles' dysfunction -- NBC
Syrian opposition wary of US push to coalesce leadership -- NBC

Syrians choose war over Jordan Zaatari refugee camp -- BBC
Extortion, sectarianism rife in lawless northern Syria -- Daily Star
For some Syrian rebels, keeping classrooms open is key to fighting Assad -- Christian Science Monitor
Young Syrian amputee makes dangerous journey to find help -- CNN
China Presents a Four-Point Proposal For Resolving the Civil War in Syria -- New York Times
Analysis: US likely to become entangled in Syria's war -- Jonathan S. Landay
McClatchy Newspapers
Can Foreign Intervention Forge a New Syrian Leadership? -- Tony Karon, Time
War crimes and the fantasy of 'controlling' Syria's rebels -- Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor
SYRIA WITNESS: Life is Vanishing in Damascus -- David Arnold, Middle East Voices

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