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Siria / Syria

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera

Syria fighting sparks refugee crisis in Jordan -- Cassandra Nelson, special to CNN
A Syrian defector’s mission -- David Ignatius, Washington post

Egypt President Morsi's harsh words for 'oppressive' Syria regime -- Christian Science Monitor
Egypt leader slams Syrian regime during Iran visit -- Bloomberg Businessweek/AP
Egypt President Mohammed Morsi slams Syria regime at Iran summit -- CBS
Egypt's Morsi denounces Syria as 'oppressive regime' at Iran summit -- L.A. Times
At Nonaligned Conference, Egypt's Morsi Slams Iran Over Syria Position -- NPR
Egyptian attack on 'oppressive' Syria sparks walkout -- BBC
Egypt’s Morsi Pushes for End of ‘Oppressive Regime’ in Syria -- New York Times
Egypt’s Leader Denounces Syrian Regime During Iran Visit -- Voice of America
Morsi tells Iran that Syria's Assad must go -- The Telegraph
Syria uprising: Mohammed Mursi's comments 'will have stung' -- BBC
World leaders squirm as Iran summit turns tense -- AFP

Afganistán / Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update, Aug. 30 -- ISAF
War in Afghanistan 30 Aug 2012 -- War On Terror News

3 Australian troops killed in 'green-on-blue' attack; 2 in Afghan chopper crash -- CNN
Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan -- Sydney Morning Herald
Terrible day for Australia, ADF: Gillard -- Sydney Morning Herald
Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghan incidents -- Reuters
5 Soldiers’ Deaths in Afghanistan Mark Australia’s Worst Toll Yet -- New York Times
Five Australian Soldiers Killed in Afghan Incidents -- New York Times/Reuters
5 Australian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan -- Voice of America
Five Australian troops killed in Afghanistan as insider attacks continue -- Washington Post
5 Australian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan -- ABC News/AP
Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan -- BBC
Latest Afghanistan "insider attack" leaves 3 Australian troops dead -- CBS/AP
Afghanistan war: More insider attacks hand Australia worst casualties since Vietnam -- Christian Science Monitor
NATO helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan kills 2 Australians -- L.A. Times
Hunt continues for diggers' killer -- ABC News (Australia)

Afghans: 5 civilians killed by insurgent rockets -- US News and World report/AP
Abuse allegations mount against flagship Afghan police force -- Reuters
Video eulogizes Turkish fighters killed in Afghanistan -- Threat Matrix

Hamid Karzai plans Afghanistan cabinet security shakeup -- The Australian
Afghanistan: Karzai to replace key ministers -- CBS News
Karzai Moves to Replace Afghan Security Chiefs -- Time/AP
Afghan president dismisses intelligence chief amid cabinet shakeup -- CNN
Karzai planning Afghan government shakeup? -- UPI

Taliban Atrocities and Afghanistan’s Future -- Isobel Coleman, Council On Foreign Relations
How quickly will the US leave Afghanistan? -- Tom Engelhardt, Asia Times

Pyro-Terrorism : the threat of arson induced forest fires as a future terrorist weapon of mass destruction (.pdf)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Afganistán / Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update, Aug. 29 -- ISAF
War in Afghanistan News - 29 Aug 2012 -- War On Terror News

Afghanistan intelligence chief Nabil removed by Karzai -- BBC
Afghan President Removes Intelligence Chief -- Voice of America
Karzai dismisses intelligence chief, nominates new defense and interior ministers -- Foreign Policy
Afghan President Moves to Replace Security Chiefs -- ABC News/AP
Karzai Is Overhauling Top Cabinet Posts, Western Officials Say -- New York Times
Afghan President risks deeper row with MPs over appointments -- Reuters
Afghan lawmakers criticize Karzai for dismissing NDS chief -- Khaama Press

Five Afghan Soldiers Killed In Suicide Attack -- Radio Free Europe
Afghanistan: Village slaughter rocks even the Taleban leadership -- Scotsman
Green-on-blue attacks: a shared nightmare for U.S., Afghans -- Al Arabiya News
ISAF trainers told to get closer to Afghan partners to prevent insider attacks -- Stars and Stripes
Quran burning report a window on growing Afghan-on-US violence -- Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor

Dos agentes de la CIA heridos en México / Two CIA operatives wounded in Mexico

Mexican police attacked CIA officers, ambush likely: sources -- Reuters
Mexico: 2 CIA Agents Wounded in Shooting Go to US -- ABC News/AP
AP: 2 Americans wounded in Mexican attack work for CIA -- USA Today/AP
Americans wounded in Mexico 'were CIA employees' -- AFP
US agents attacked in Mexico believed to be CIA -- Christian Science Monitor
Mexican police ambushed CIA officers: Sources -- Toronto Sun/Reuters
Mexican police officers detained over shooting of U.S. diplomatic vehicle -- CNN
U.S. workers shot in Mexico may be CIA employees -- Washington Post

Fuerzas armadas contra delincuencia organizada / Armed forces against organized crime

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

United States Institute of Peace-- What is Boko Haram ? (.pdf)

United States Institute of Peace-- What is Boko Haram ?

Kenia : disturbios tras el asesinato de Abu Rogo / Riots in Kenya after Aboud Rogo shot Dead

Council on Foreign Relations : guia del conflicto en Siria (enlaces .html)

Inside the Assad Regime

"Any government" formed by Sunni Islamists, "whatever misfortunes [they] may visit on the Syrian poeple," would be preferable to the Assad regime, writes Gary Gambill.

Al-Qaeda may become the Free Syrian Army's most potent weapon against the Assad regime, but its collaboration with rebel forces poses serious risks for the country's future, says CFR's Ed Husain.

Kurdish nationalists are exploiting the chaos in Syria to pursue their goal of an autonomous region in the country's north, writes Wyre Davies.

A wide array of rebel groups outside of the Free Syrian Army are cooperating against the Assad regime, but the harmony may not survive long, writes the Economist.

Roula Khalaf profiles Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, "the Arab world's most notorious dictator," his unexpected rise to power, and his inner circle of family and political allies.

Syria's Alawite minority, a sect of Shia Islam, has been fundamental to Assad's grip on power, writes Mideast researcher Leon Goldsmith. The privileged group accounts for the vast majority of Syria's security and intelligence apparatus, he says.

The government of Syria's brittle, one-party state remains dug in against a determined but fractured opposition. Expert Joshua Landis discusses the fault lines in the uprising.

As the death toll mounts in Syria, attention falls on the shadowy paramilitary group now implicated in some of the country's worst massacres, writes Rania Abouzeid.

International sanctions on Syria are weakening an already fragile Syrian economy, with the regime increasingly and unsustainably relying on Russia, Iraq, and Iran to stay afloat, writes Samer Abboud.

The New America Foundation's Randa Slim, who has interviewed the Syrian opposition groups both in country and in exile, says the resistance movement is more fragmented than ever.

Regional Dynamics

A post-Assad Syria will likely create distinct challenges for each of its neighbors, including creating a major loss for Iran, says Michael Young of Lebanon's Daily Star.

Ankara has been a vanguard in pushing for regime change in Syria, but the costs of this policy, including a Kurdish uprising in the country's south, are becoming increasingly apparent, writes Sinan Ulgen.

Aaron David Miller offers up a "preliminary scorecard" for the potential winners and losers in a post-Assad Syria—the later much easier to identify, he notes.

A post-Assad Syria will likely inflame a festering Kurdish insurgency in Turkey's southeast, writes David Gardner. Ankara is worried that an emergent Kurdish state in northern Syria could try break off Turkish territory as well.

Iran sees the Syrian government as the front line of defense against the United States and Israel, writes Geneive Abdo. So Tehran is sparing no expense to help its ally fend off popular protests, she says.

If the violence in Syria sets off unrest in its neighbor to the west, Lebanon's "second city" Tripoli is likely to serve as ground zero, writes Jim Muir. Tensions between Tripoli's Sunni majority and small Alawite community have erupted into violence twice already this year.

The deteriorating situation in Syria is putting the country's half million Palestinian refugees and the Islamic militant group Hamas in a precarious position, write Rod Nordland and Dalal Mawad, having to choose between their benefactor Assad and the popular resistance.

Russia has the chance to provide leadership while maintaining its influence in Syria by pushing the generals Moscow helped train to oust Assad, argues Ed Husain in this New York Times debate.

This brief from the U.S. Institute of Peace looks at the interests, connections, and dimensions of the Syrian unrest in the Arab Gulf states. Several experts say that although the conflict presents Gulf nations with an opportunity to oust an Iran-allied Assad regime, their power to do so is limited.

The bloody conflict in Syria has washed over into neighboring Lebanon, home of the Shiite militant group and Assad-ally Hezbollah, explains Nick Thompson.

Policy Options

The international community must unite and compromise, writes former UN/Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan, for a successful political transition in Syria.

Senior Fellows Robert Danin and Ed Husain discuss policy options on intervening and stabilizing the immediate period after Assad's fall for what they say has spiraled into a larger sectarian conflict.

CFR's Richard N. Haass recommends policy alternatives to an armed intervention or intervention with arms in Syria, including increased economic sanctions and a fundamental recasting of UN diplomatic efforts.

The U.S. experience in Iraq indicates that a foreign military intervention in Syria would not have prevented the country's current bloodshed, writes Katherine Wilkens.

Washington's current handling of Syria contrasts sharply with its actions in the past, writes former U.S. ambassador to Syria Richard W. Murphy. The United States said little about the 1982 Hama crackdown, he says, and there was no indication that Washington would intervene.

In this Center for Preventive Action Policy Innovation Memo, Elliott Abrams argues that the United States should work to bring down Bashar al-Assad by isolating his regime from Syria's Alawite and business communities.

The United States should provide logistical support, including intelligence and communication equipment, to the Syria rebels, writes Max Boot. Washington, with the help of its NATO allies, should also initiate a naval blockade off Syria's coast, he says.

Syria is trapped on a "crumbling precipice," and regardless of how it falls, the aftermath will mean significant risks for the United States and for the Syrian people, says this memo written by Mideast experts at Brookings.

A political solution in Syria cannot, and should not, permit Assad loyalists to retain power, writes Daniel Byman. A better option would be for Washington and its allies to throw their support behind the Syrian opposition more intently, he writes.

Harvard University Professor Joseph S. Nye examines the question of military intervention in Syria and discusses comparable circumstances in history and the notion of "responsibility to protect."

Essential Documents

Syria: Humanitarian BulletinThe UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released this bulletin in August 2012 on Syria's deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Secretary of State Clinton delivered these remarks following a meeting with Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on August 11 in Istanbul.

This document issued by the eleven-member Action Group in Geneva in June 2012 calls for a transitional government in Syria and the implementation of the Annan Peace Plan.

Kofi Annan, former Joint Special Envoy for the United Nations and the League of Arab States, drew up this six-point peace plan for Syria. It was submitted to the UN in March 2012 and accepted by Damascus days later. However, it has not been honored.

The UN released this press release on February 13, 2012; it describes the statement made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, regarding Syria. Statements by UN delegations follow her words.

Video Offerings

In this hour-long offering from PBS Frontline, reporter Ramita Navai goes undercover for a rare glimpse of the Syrian uprising from the inside.

This half-hour al-Jazeera video presented by Dareen Abughaida inquires how fast Syria can transition "from tipping point to breaking point."

This compilation of short primary source videos, edited by J. David Goodman, presents a forceful and often shocking glimpse of the broadening conflict in Syria.

Timeline of Events

Reuters tracks the main events in Syria's sixteen-month-old conflict.

Más en

Issue Guide: Syria's Escalating Crisis -- Council on Foreign relations

Afganistán / Afghanistan

War in Afghanistan News - 27 Aug 2012 -- War On Terror News
Afghan security forces kill 2 U.S. troops, 10 Afghan soldiers in 2 attacks -- CNN
2 U.S. troops die in latest Afghan insider attack -- CBS/AP
Two U.S. Troops Killed by Rogue Afghan Soldier -- New York Times/Reuters
Taliban beheads 17 Afghan partygoers; 2 NATO troops killed -- Washington Post
27 Afghans, 2 U.S. soldiers killed in attacks -- Air Force Times/AP
Attacks on Soldiers and Civilians Leave Dozens Dead in Afghanistan -- New York Times
Afghan 'insider' shooting kills 2 Americans; 27 die in other violence -- L.A. Times

Taliban behead 17 caught dancing to music at party
-- The Telegraph
Taliban beheads 17 for attending mixed-sex party -- Jerusalem Post/Reuters
Taliban kill 17 civilians 'in argument over women' -- The Guardian
Taliban Beheads 17 Afghan Civilians -- Voice of America
Seventeen people including two women beheaded by Taliban in Afghanistan for taking part in a village music festival -- Daily Mail

Haqqani network militant killed, Afghanistan says -- CNN
Ragtag Revolts in Parts of Afghanistan Repel Taliban -- New York Times
What Surge? Afghanistan’s Most Violent Places Stay Bad, Despite Extra Troops -- Danger Room
US military to ‘discipline’ 9 soldiers for role in outrageous Afghan incidents -- Zee News
NATO: 202 Afghan bases closed, more to come -- Stars and Stripes/AP
Afghanistan Pullout A Logistical 'Nightmare' -- Huffington Post

Afghans allege U.S. military aid to Pakistan used to fund insurgency -- Examiner
MARINE: Strict Rules Of Engagement Are Killing More Americans Than Enemy In This Lost War -- Paul Szoldra, Business Insider/College Veteran

Siria : cae un helicóptero militar sobre Damasco / Syrian army helicopter crashes in Damascus (2 videos)

Syrian helicopter downed in Damascus clashes -- AP
Syrian helicopter down under fire in Damascus -- Reuters
Syria government helicopter 'shot down' -- BBC
Syrian Helicopter Downed in Damascus as Fighting Flares -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Syrian Helicopter Downed in Damascus -- Wall Street Journal/AP
Rebels Claim to Shoot Down Syrian Helicopter -- New York Times
Chopper downed in revenge for massacre -- The Australian/AFP

Estados Unidos triplica su venta de armas en 2011 / U.S. triples foreign arms sales in 2011

Los Estados Unidos venden y Arabia Saudí las compra...

Congressional Research Service (2012) Crisis in Mali (.pdf)

Congressional Research Service (2012) Crisis in Mali.

US Department of State International (2012) Narcotics Control Strategy Report (vol. I) (.pdf)

Mali has been authoritatively identified as one of the West African transit countries through which up to 80 percent of cocaine seized in Western Europe can be traced (p. 311).

US Department of State International (2012) Narcotics Control Strategy Report (vol. I)

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Lashkar-e-Taiba y al-Qaida

No Answers -- Marisa Urgo, making sense of jihad.

Lashkar-i-taiba (LeT) -- Global Security

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Afganistán / Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command evening operational update, Aug. 24 -- ISAF
Afghanistan, U.S. disagree on culprits behind 'insider' shootings -- L.A. Times
Afghan-on-Afghan troop attacks rise -- UPI
Attacks by Afghan security forces on comrades increasing -- Foreign Policy
Insider Attacks Are Symptoms of Larger Afghan Challenges -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Afghan radicals smell blood as U.S. withdraws -- Boston Herald
Goldilocking the “Insider Threat” -- Mark Thompson, Time
US general says his forces carried out cyberattacks on opponents in Afghanistan -- Washington Post/AP
Current phase of Marine drawdown in Afghanistan nears completion -- Military Times
Summer ‘Highly Successful’ for ISAF and Afghan Forces, Allen Says -- US Department of Defense
Allen Predicts Period of Hope, Challenge in Afghanistan’s Future -- US Department of Defense
Ambassador To Afghanistan: 'Vast Majority' Of Afghans Support Coalition -- NPR
Portrait of Afghan War: Powerful New York Times Piece Shows Surging Death Toll in Afghanistan -- Policymic
Why Afghanistan Isn’t a Campaign Issue: Neither Obama nor Romney Have a Solution -- Tony Karon, Time
India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Triangle -- Aparna Pande, Huffington Post
U.S. military reaches 2,000 dead in Afghanistan -- Foreign Policy

Siria / Syria

Middle East Live -- The Guardian
Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera

Gruesome killings mark escalation of violence in Syrian capital -- Washington Post
Syrian army regains Aleppo districts -- Irish Times
Syrian army takes control of Damascus suburb-opposition -- Reuters
Assad forces take control of Damascus suburb, says Syrian opposition -- Haaretz
Syrian regime hits back in Damascus as ill-equipped rebels struggle -- The Guardian
Syrian regime airstrikes kill 23 in eastern city -- Bloomberg Businessweek/AP
Syria crisis: Fighting continues in Damascus and Aleppo -- BBC
Son of Late Chechen Warlord Reported Killed in Syria -- New York Times/Reuters
Chechen Rebels Not Flocking to Syria – Experts -- RIA Novosti
Syria spillover clashes escalate in Lebanon -- Miami Herald/AP
Amateur jihad tests Syrian rebel resources -- Reuters
Syrian Rebels Share Common Goal -- Voice of America

Syrian refugees top 200,000 as exodus grows: U.N. agency -- Reuters
Syrian Crisis Escalates, Refugee Exodus Swells -- Voice of America
Fierce fighting in Syria swells refugee exodus -- Reuters
200,000 Syrian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries -- The Telegraph
Refugee Numbers Swell as Fighting in Syria Intensifies -- New York Times
Record number of Syrians enter Jordan -- UPI
Syria fighting hampers UN refugee agency -- France24/AFP

French minister calls for limited no-fly zone in Syria -- The Telegraph
Paris backs Syria no-fly zone as fighting grows -- Bloomberg Businessweek/AP

Artículos sobre "yihadismo" (fuente abierta y acceso libre). Del 11 al 24 de agosto de 2012

Terrorism is Terrorism -- Rémi BRULIN, Foreign Policy.

Trying to Understand MUJWA -- Andrew LEBOVICH, al-Wasat.

Attiyat Allah Obituary in Talai’ Khorasan -- Yassin MUSHARBASH, AbuSusu Blog.

Assad’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy -- Aaron Y. ZELIN, The Washington Institute.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Estados Unidos y el arsenal de armas químicas sirio / US and Syria's chemical weapon stockpile

Siria / Syria

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera

Military hits town near Damascus, 100 killed in Syria -- Reuters
Syrian Troops Break Into Daraya -- Wall Street Journal
Syrian troops shell Damascus suburb -- Washington Post
Syrian Forces Renew Raids on Damascus Suburbs -- New York Times
Clashes in Damascus as shelling continues -- Al Jazeera
Syrian army launches fresh assaults on rebels in Damascus and Aleppo -- The Telegraph
Heavy Fighting in Syrian Capital -- Voice of America
Fighting Across Syria as Last UN Monitors Leave -- ABC News/AP
Syrian Forces Are Said to Expand Deadly ‘Hit and Run’ Efforts in Damascus -- New York Times
Syria vows to work with UN envoy as fighting rages -- AFP
The Air War in Aleppo -- Foreign Policy
Assad's Aleppo backers abandon him, some shift support, cash to rebels in risky gamble -- CBS News
Near Damascus, a Rebel Riddle -- Wall Street Journal
No feeling of liberation in rebel-held Syrian town -- Reuters
UN: Syrian People 'Suffering Grievously' -- Voice of America

AP Interview: Russia says it has Syrian guarantees that chemical weapons will not be used -- Washington Post/AP
Syria assures Russia chemical weapons will not be used – top official -- RT

U.N. points finger at Iran over arms supply to Syria -- Reuters
Syrian civil war shakes Damascus-Beirut ties -- Stars and Stripes/AP
US, Turkey step up to plan post-Assad scenarios for Syria -- FOX News/AP
UK, U.S., France discuss bolstering Syria's opposition -- Reuters
Few Options for US to End Fighting in Syria -- Voice of America
Russia warns West over Syria after Obama threats -- Reuters
Russia: West is 'openly instigating' Syrian civil war -- Christian Science Monitor/AP
Syria crisis: Russia warns Obama against 'violation' of international law -- NBC
Syria crisis: UK joins US in chemical weapons warning -- BBC

A tough liberation for Syria’s Kurds -- Maria Fantappie, Special to CNN
With war, Syrians in constant flight -- Ben Hubbard, AP
Assad’s War on Syria’s Children -- Mike Giglio, Daily Beast
Analysts: Syrian civil war could persist post-Assad -- Jim Michaels, USA TODAY
If we don't aid Syria, we'll regret it -- Bennett Ramberg, Politico

Afganistán / Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update, Aug. 23 -- ISAF
War in Afghanistan News - 23 Aug 2012 -- War On Terror News
Senior Taliban leader killed in NATO airstrike -- CNN

Obama, Panetta, Karzai discuss murder of U.S. soldiers by Afghan forces -- The Examiner
Dempsey: Insider attacks a pressing issue for both US commanders, Afghans -- FOX News
General: Ramadan factor in Afghan insider attacks -- AP
General Notes Taliban Coercion in Some Attacks on Troops -- New York Times
Taliban behind 25 percent of insider attacks: US general -- AFP

Afghanistan, Contradicting NATO, Blames Foreign Spies for Insider Attacks
-- New York Times
Kabul Pins Attacks on Foreign Spies -- Wall Street Journal
Afghanistan blames spies for insider attacks, will re-screen police, soldiers -- CBS/AP
Afghan President Karzai blames 'foreign spy agencies' for insider shootings -- L.A. Times
Karzai advisers blame insider attacks on foreign spy agencies -- Washington Post
Karzai blames insider attacks on "infiltration by foreign spy agencies" -- Foreign Policy

Afghanistan to re-screen police, soldiers to curb rogue attacks -- Reuters
Friend or foe: Afghanistan to re-screen security forces to curb rogue attacks -- RT

Pick to Lead Afghan War Unlikely to Alter Strategy -- US News and World Report
Panetta backing a top Marine general to lead ISAF -- Stars and Stripes
An Iraq Vet Commanding In Afghanistan? -- Time

1st Marine Division (Forward) returns home from Afghanistan -- Dvids
Inside the Ring: Taliban infiltrate social media -- Washington Times
A paper weapon to defend against “green on blue” attacks -- CNN
Afghanistan film students hope to educate through television -- CNN

Afghanistan 'insider' attacks pose threat to West's exit strategy -- L.A. Times
Why Afghans are pushing for democratic elections soon -- Halima Kazem, Christian Science Monitor
Americans tune out Afghan war as fighting rages on -- Deb Riechmann, The Guardian/AP
Afghanistan: Operation Enduring ‘Fiefdom’ – Analysis -- Eurasia Review

US Troop Deaths Top 2,000 in Afghanistan -- Voice of America

España en la memoria -- la Legión Española

Al jazeera -- Permission to Engage (video)

Council on Foreign Relations : Trends in U.S. Military Spending

Council on Foreign Relations : Trends in U.S. Military Spending

CTC Sentinel August 2012, vol 5, issue 8

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marruecos : la policía dispersa una protesta contra el ritual de "lealtad al rey" / Morocco : police disperse protest against "loyalty to king" ritual

King Mohammed VI (Reuters).

Guinea Ecuatorial : "cumbre" sobre "Derechos Humanos"

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Siria / Syria

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera

Assad's regime steps up use of air power -- Bloomberg Businessweek

'They snipe at us then run and hide in sewers' -- Robert Fisk, The Independent
UN leaves Syria to its bloody fate -- Robert Fisk, The Independent
Fissures spreading throughout Syria -- Eden Naby and Jamsheed K. Choksy, Gulf News/Los Angeles Times

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