Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ismael Jan anuncia el "rearme" de "sus" milicias / Ismail Khan says warlords are rearming militias

Más noticias sobre Afganistán / More news on Afghanistan :
Bomb blast injures four US-led Norwegian troops in Afghanistan -- Press TV
Afghan police killed in 'insider attack' -- BBC
4 Afghan police killed in insider attack -- Huffington Post/AP
Four Afghan police killed by colleagues: officials -- DAWN/AFP

US Audit Finds Afghanistan Incapable of Sustaining Security -- Voice of America
Afghanistan security forces report raises fears over long-term stability -- The Guardian
Report: Afghan security forces not ready for 2014 -- Stars and Stripes
Report: Afghan Security Forces Face Infrastructure Challenges -- US Department of Defense

US War Against IED's in Afghanistan a Strategic Failure -- The Real News
Bombs Away: Will Afghanistan’s Artillerymen Learn How to Shoot Right? -- Time

US urges Afghanistan open its economy, tackle graft: Official -- The Frontier Post
Saudis to build major Islamic centre in Afghanistan -- The Australian/AFP
Afghanistan's first female rapper tells the stories that might otherwise be lost -- Torie Rose DeGhett, The Guardian
Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter
-- Kathy Kelly, Huffington Post

Syria, November, 3, 2012 / Siria, 3-11-2012

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
Syria conflict: rebel 'war crime' caught on video - Friday 2 November 2012 -- The Guardian

A look at atrocities in Syria's civil war -- AP
Syria army quits base on strategic Aleppo road -- Reuters

Syria rebels 'take key Damascus-Aleppo checkpoints' -- BBC
Syria rebels kill 78 soldiers, attack checkpoints -- AP
Increased air raids bring death and ruin to Damascus suburbs -- Reuters
Syrian outsiders bogged down in battle for Aleppo -- AFP

UN warns of possible war crimes committed by Syria rebels -- Haaretz/Reuters
Syria video likely evidence of war crimes: UN -- AFP
Syria rebels said to kill captured troops -- Sydney Morning Herald/AP
UN warns of possible ‘war crimes’ by Syria rebels -- Euronews

Syrian rebels in uneasy alliances -- Al Jazeera
Syria opposition accuses US of undermining revolt -- AFP
Syrians wary of US push to overhaul opposition -- Stars and Stripes/AP
US Looks for New Civilian Leadership in Syrian Opposition -- Voice of America
US move to sideline Syria opposition group stems from exiles' dysfunction -- NBC
Syrian opposition wary of US push to coalesce leadership -- NBC

Syrians choose war over Jordan Zaatari refugee camp -- BBC
Extortion, sectarianism rife in lawless northern Syria -- Daily Star
For some Syrian rebels, keeping classrooms open is key to fighting Assad -- Christian Science Monitor
Young Syrian amputee makes dangerous journey to find help -- CNN
China Presents a Four-Point Proposal For Resolving the Civil War in Syria -- New York Times
Analysis: US likely to become entangled in Syria's war -- Jonathan S. Landay
McClatchy Newspapers
Can Foreign Intervention Forge a New Syrian Leadership? -- Tony Karon, Time
War crimes and the fantasy of 'controlling' Syria's rebels -- Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor
SYRIA WITNESS: Life is Vanishing in Damascus -- David Arnold, Middle East Voices

Niger, Areva, Imuraren y China / Niger, Areva, Imouraren and China

El gobierno nigerino anunció el pasado mes de octubre un plan quinquenal que ha denominado “Strategy for Development and Security” (SDS) por un importe de 25.000 millones de dólares.

De dónde sale todo ese dinero no está nada claro.
El mismo gobierno nigerino ha comenzado también a expresar algún descontento en relación a la explotación del uranio que el gigante francés Areva extrae en Imuraren a través de la empresa franco-nigerina Imouraren SA.

Sobre el ataque israelí a Yarmuk (Sudán) / On the Israeli air strike to the Yarmouk Weapons Factory

Sobre la situación en Mauritania / On the political situation in Mauritania

Alex THURSTON (2012) Mauritania’s Islamists

Constitution of the Republic Mauritania Islamic

Artículos sobre "yihadismo" (fuente abierta y acceso libre). Del 28 de octubre al 2 de noviembre de 2012.

Introducing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood -- Mary FITZGERLD, Foreign Policy

What to Make of Foreign Fighters in Mali -- Andrew LEBOVICH, al-Wasat

Al-Qaeda at the Crossroads : How the terror group is responding to the loss of its leaders and the Arab Spring -- Shiraz MAHER and Peter NEUMANN, The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

Boko Haram’s Growing Presence in Niger -- Jacob ZENN, Terrorism Monitor

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mali, November, 2, 2012 / Malí, 2-11-2012

Retour du Mali -- La Republicain Lorraine

Syria, November, 2, 2012 / Siria, 2-11-2012

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera

Clinton urges SNC shake-up -- The Daily Star

There is no hypocrisy in our stance on Syria - -Lindsey German, The Guardian
How to Hit Assad Where It Hurts -- Hassan Hassan, The National

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Israel admite haber asesinado a Abu Yihad / Israel admits killing of Abu Jihad

Jalil Ibrahim al-Wazir (خليل إبراهيم الوزير‎), más conocido por su kunya "Abu Yihad" (أبو جهاد)

La libertad de Taysir Alony / Tayseer Allouni's freedom

El 17 de enero de 2012, la sección tercera del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos (T.E.D.H.) dictó Sentencia declarando que la condena del periodista Español Don Taysir (Tayseer) Alony (Allouni, Alluni, Aluni, Alony) (تيسير علوني) por su "integración" en al-Qaida contravenía el Derecho a un Tribunal imparcial reconocido en el artículo 6.1. del Convenio europeo para la Protección de los Derechos Humanos y las Libertades Fundamentales, toda vez que la Magistrada ponente de la Sentencia dictada por la Audiencia Nacional había sido antes miembro de la Sala del mismo Tribunal que había decidido --y confirmado-- la prisión provisional del recurrente.

¿Precedentes de situaciones similares? Mutatis mutandis, Perote Pellón c. España; Gómez de Liaño y Botella c. España y Cardona Serrat c. España.

La Sentencia de mérito ganó firmeza el 17 de abril siguiente.

¿Cuántas condenas de la Sala de lo Penal de la Audiencia Nacional están viciadas del mismo error procesal?

Siria 1-11-2012 / Syria, November, 1, 2012

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
Syria civil war 'kills 36,000' -- The Telegraph

Syria presses heavy air bombardment of rebels -- AP
Syria jets bomb rebel strongholds in Damascus and north -- BBC

China proposes new initiatives for Syria ceasefire -- Reuters

Syrian rebels kill 28 soldiers in attacks on military checkpoints in country's restive north -- Fox news

A jihadist group prospers in Syria -- Jackson Diehl, The Washington Post

US withdraws support for Syria's opposition leadership -- The Telegraph
U.S. looks to build alternative Syrian opposition leadership -- The Washington Post
As Syria Escalates Bombing, U.S. Urges New Anti-Assad Bloc -- New York Times
U.S. Pulls Support for Key Anti-Assad Bloc -- Wall Street Journal
Clinton calls for overhaul of Syrian opposition -- Reuters
U.S. Favors Shift to Broaden Syrian Opposition Leadership -- Bloomberg Businessweek
US calls for overhaul of Syrian opposition -- Irish Times
Clinton warns Syria rebels to resist extremism -- BBC
Clinton: Syrian exile group not 'visible' opposition leader -- CNN
Clinton urges SNC shake-up -- The Daily Star
Clinton explains State Department efforts to build new Syrian opposition council -- The Cable/Foreign Policy

Palestinians in Syria face off over Assad -- Financial Times
Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad -- Reuters
Syria rebels form brigade to battle pro-Assad Palestinians -- Haaretz
Syria rebels, Palestinian fighters clash -- The Australian
Syria rebels 'clash with army, Palestinian fighters' -- AFP
Syrian troops, rebels clash in Palestinian refugee camp -- Haaretz/AP
Clashes in Syria's largest Palestinian refugee camp -- Al Bawaba

Asia Times >> oil and the Persian Gulf (analysis and commentary)

Part 1: Riddle of the sands
Part 2: The sweet and sour of oil
Part 3: The driver of oil prices
Part 4: OPEC in the driving seat
Part 5: The OPEC bogeyman 

Part 6: OPEC and the sanctions highway
Part 7: Oil-price shocks lie in wait
Part 8: Whose oil is it anyway?
Part 9: The dark side of oil
Part 10: Institutions matter
Part 11: Oil-rich rulers blind to the future
Part 12:'Arab Spring' without a bloom
Part 13: Reform- or be kicked out
Part 14: Oil's toxic partner: Guns
Part 15: Islamic tools to the rescue
Part 16: Policy package for turnaround
Part 17: The old colonialism
Part 18: The new colonialism
Part 19: No clash of civilizations
Part 20: Tyrants atop a sea of oil
Part 21: A nuclear Persian Gulf
Part 22: Conflict without end
Part 23: Toward an oil-less world

Part 24: Oil rulers toy with Armageddon

Afganistán 1-11-2012 / Afghanistan, November, 1, 2012

Combined Force Arrests Taliban Leader -- US Defense Department
Two British Gurkhas shot dead by insurgent wearing Afghan police uniform in Helmand -- Daily Mail
Apparent Afghan insider attack kills NATO troops -- CBS/AP
Two international soldiers killed by Afghan in uniform -- L.A. Times
Ghurkas killed in Afghanistan insider attack -- ABC News (Australia)
Ministry confirms British soldiers killed -- UPI
Two British soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan -- BBC
Afghan roadside bombings kill 17 civilians: officials -- AFP
Afghanistan Helmand roadside bomb kills 10 civilians -- BBC
Women among victims of Afghanistan attacks -- Al Jazeera
Rangers awarded medals for Afghanistan heroics
-- Army Times
Afghanistan Sets Presidential Vote for 2014 -- Wall Street Journal
Afghanistan: Presidential Election Set For April 2014
-- Huffington Post/AP
Afghan parliament paralysed by Hajj trips -- The Telegraph
Afghanistan's female powerhouses: a rapper, a colonel and 'mother' to hundreds -- NBC
Afghanistan's need for reform: We have seen the enemy, and it is our anecdotes -- Frances Z. Brown, Foreign Policy
US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,015
-- Mercury News/AP

Afghanistan security forces report raises fears over long-term stability -- The Guardian
Afghan Security Not Ready for 2014, Report Says -- USA Today
Afghan Called Ill-Prepared to Maintain Bases on Their Own -- Bloomberg Businessweek
US Audit Finds Afghanistan Incapable of Sustaining Security -- Voice of America
ANSF unable to sustain self by 2014, warns watchdog -- The E-Ring/Foreign Policy
Watchdog SIGAR blasts the ANSF
-- Foreign Policy 
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